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Do you understand the Much party?

Short party-guide for foreigners

Original text by the magazine Dingola www.dingola.net, photos by Macià Puiggròs.


The promotional video for the 10th Mucada is online and flooding the social networks. But, do you know everything about this festivity? What do you have to know to join Sineu’s most awaited festivity? Díngola tells us all about it.



X Mucada. Sineu. SineuPinkout! from Potti on Vimeo.


How did it all start?

Some twelve years ago a group of about thirty youngsters started organising a brotherhood lunch to celebrate the day of the Virgin. The nice summer weather, the town’s summer festivities and the fact they had a couple of weeks of holiday motivated them to organise a lunch and an afternoon of drinking and fun.

Two years later, during the festivities in Vilafranca some youngsters from Sineu stole the mask of Vilafranca’s demon, took it to Sineu and made fun of it during their lunch party. Eventually the mask went back to Vilafranca but the next year three youngsters from Sineu came up with the idea of having their own demon in Sineu called Much, based on the bull in the legend of “Puig de Reig”

The Much-party has grown with the years and now, ten years later, is celebrated by more then three thousand people.

The legend

“Between Sineu and San Joan rises the hill Puig de Reig in the shape of sugar bread. People say there’s a treasure inside and in order to get the treasure one has to take a sip of olive oil, keep the oil in one’s mouth and walk around the hill three times at midnight. If nobody finishes the three rounds without swallowing the oil, a bull comes out of the hill with a lit candle on each horn …”

This is an excerpt of the legend of “Puig de Reig” on which the weirdest festivity of Sineu is based.


The pilgrimage to the Puig de Reig


The pilgrimage in the morning will probably be attended by around seven hundred people, mostly from Sineu. This is the most solemn part of the festivities. There won’t be any other music than the traditional xeremiers and not much alcohol. This part of the day is about feelings of town identity and proud.

Participants decorate their wagon or bicycle and make a pilgrimage to the hill in order to call upon Much. Although the media (newspapers and especially television) are present, this part of the event hasn’t changed and is usually not attended by many “outsiders”.

Start to the Puig de Reig this year is at 10 am from the parking lot of the IES Sineu, and not as usual in front of the train station. The organizers ask to not to smoke at Puig de Reig, due to the high risk of forest fires. Return to the village is through 12 am.


El pregón – the speech

much2Probably the most emotive moment of the day and without a doubt the most “crowded” because of the small size of the town hall square. Hundreds of people come together to listen to the speech, usually written by Rafael Amorós López, alternative poet. IB3 and all newspapers are usually present to cover this moment. The end of the speech marks the beginning of the “encèrvol”, a kind of bull run, similar to the one held in San Fermin, Pamplona.

The speech takes place this year a little later, at 2.30 pm.


Brotherhood lunch

Restaurants und Bodegas sind voll an diesem Tag. Die Plätze und Straßen sind mit Sineurs und Menschen von außerhalb der Stadt gefüllt, die alle hungrig und durstig sind. Früher wurden zwei große Essen organisiert, eines für Männer und eines für Frauen, aber die Anzahl der verschiedenen Gruppen hat extrem zugenommen es gibt nicht eine einzige Bar oder Restaurant, die nicht vollständig belegt ist an diesem Tag.


The encounter (from 6 pm)

One of the main events of the day. In the afternoon thousands of people fill the Es Fossar square to attend the procession (similar to the solemn Easter procession) preceding the encounter between Muc and Muca. When the two of them meet there is an explosion of happiness and colour, unexplainable to those who aren’t there. Thousands of people going wild, jumping with joy and enjoying the central part of the festivities. Now the scooter enters the café Can Castell and every other year a new couple of Muc and Muca are chosen during the games known as Jochs Phlorals. This year’s Muc and Muca (Joan Toni y Marga) will rule for two years so this year there won’t be a substitution.


The colour pink

much4Pink is the official colour of the festivity. Soft pink. All shops have run out of pink objects and materials; flip-flops, (sun)glasses, big straw hats, really short miniskirts, shorts, trainers, bags, … everything pink. Last year’s official T-shirts were designed by the German Irene Peukers, ex-designer of Camper. This year’s T-shirts are designed by Francesc Capdevila Max, illustrator and comic-writer from Barcelona.



Every year the benefits of the festivity go to charity. Last year Can Gazá, a shelter for homeless people just outside Palma, received 4.000 euro, the benefits of the sales of T-shirts and merchandising. This year a part of the benefits will go to families in Sineu with severe economical problems or in risk of social exclusion. Another part is earmarked for the GOB as a contribution to the recovery of the La Trapa estate after the tragic forest fire which burnt the west of Majorca.


How to get there?

Sineu is one of the most accessible villages of Majorca with broad roads to Manacor, Inca and Palma. In Palma and Manacor there is a train to Sineu every 45 minutes. We recommend the use of public transport especially if you plan to consume alcohol during the festivities.


What to wear?

Keep in mind that on the 14th temperatures can easily reach 38 ºC at midday and that humidity will be very high. We advise comfortable clothes: most women wear shorts and T-shirt and most men Bermuda-shorts and T-shirt. Sunglasses and a hat or cap are essential. Although there usually aren’t any thefts this day, we recommend keeping your keys and coins, etc. in a bag or small rucksack instead of your pockets so you won’t loose them.


Dos and Don’ts

We advise you not to drink too much and to eat enough during lunch so you won’t drink on an empty stomach. People from outside the town are asked to behave respectfully during the more solemn events, especially in the morning. Everybody is asked to use the public toilets which are installed especially for this occasion, instead of urinating in the streets. We ask everybody to behave in a civilised way and to be respectful towards the town and its inhabitants.


End of the party is at 9 pm.