Ca’n Company

Ca’n Company Materials de construcció, transports i excavacions   Ca’n Company is a family business dedicated to the distribution of building materials, flagstones, tiles and wood. Its broad experience makes it an efficient and widely trusted supplier for both professionals and private owners who want to renovate their house.     In the building sector […]


CONSERMAR Construccion – Servicios – Marges   The company of Marges Guillem Ramon Bergas has 20 years of experience and 10 members of staff, it specialises in traditional Mallorquin Stone work, whether on interior walls or facades, their services include finishing of façades, dry stonewalls, interior walls, pillars, driveways, surrounding walls with fence and walls […]

Fusteria J. Lluis Gacías

Fusteria J. Lluis Gacías Carpintería en 3ª generación   Fusteria Gacia is a family business and is nowadays run by the third generation of carpenters of the family. They have more than 40 years of experience in this profession.   They started in 1968 with a workshop in the village. With an increasing amount of […]

Juan Ferriol e Hijos

Juan Ferriol e Hijos Construcción, decoración & jardín   Established in 1927, JUAN FERRIOL E HIJOS has become a synonym for modern style, without losing its family character. The members of its team are there for you and will give you advice on how to create ambiances with a different touch within your budget.   […]

Promocions Sinium

Promocions Sinium Construccions i reformes   Promociones Sinium is a family business specialised in the construction of new houses, the renovation of all types of residences as well as smaller renovation projects and maintenance.   The company has 40 years of experience and its team of professionals works across the entire island. The company offers […]

Real Munar SL

Real Munar SL Construccions i Restauracions   Real Munar is a company dedicated to the construction, renovation and restoration of buildings, with more than seventy years of experience.   By combining traditional and more advanced and modern techniques the company guaranties professional and high quality results.   This company attaches special importance to environmental management, […]