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Galeria Cati Gelabert Niell


Galeria Cati Gelabert Niell

Estudi d’Art


Art, that universal yearning that we have all at one time felt, that we need, that looks for pleasure. Painting is a sublime expression of that human search. Painters during their personal career try to express all these feelings through their works.



Paintings once on canvas are that genuine expression, nothing can replace the contemplation or purchase of an original, but we live in the real world and we all have to search for other options for communicating, ways that go beyond our work or achievements.





Can Gili


Can Gili

Esculturas & pinturas de Ricardo Gago


Ricardo Gago, a painter and sculptor who has been living on Majorca since the sixties, exhibits his work in Can Gili, an architectural gem from the 13th century.


The walls of what used to be a small palace witnessed political intrigues, which later led to “Les Germanies”, the revolt against King Carlos V.


Characteristic of Gago’s work on canvas are his colours and shapes and the presence of the Mediterranean Sea. Many of his paintings represent the most beautiful spots of Sineu. His sculptures often show traditional scenes from the Majorcan countryside which help us to learn about and understand life on the island. But his most prominent theme is eroticism in the form of women figures.