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Isabel Romero Aguadé


Isabel Romero Aguadé

Architecture and urban planning


Architecture firm located in Sineu dedicated to new construction projects as well as renovation and refurbishment of first or second homes.



Specialized in urban law, Isabel Romero also provides consulting services, assessment, technical building inspection (ITE), energy certificates and certificates of habitability.





é Disseny


é Disseny

Interiorisme · Disseny gráfic · Disseny industrial


É disseny carries out projects for interior design, product design and graphic design.


Comprehensive projects which enable them to navigate and control the different stages in order to come to a result which complies with the client’s needs and budget.


Their style? It’s the client who determines the style. They analyze each project, every space where the people are going to live, work, spend time, shop, etc. In their work they reflect the essence of each necessity, each problem, and the result of all this is like a glove which fits the client perfectly.